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A man, with intellectual/developmental challenges, smiles at the camera in front of green trees/bushes.

Be an Advocate

Self-advocacy is...

  • communicating one’s needs, thoughts, feelings, and preferences; a self-advocate is someone who speaks up for themselves and the things that are important to them

  • about making choices

  • understanding one's rights and responsibilities 

  • about advocating for a self-determined life

Activities that self-advocates participate in:

  • communicating with legislatures through phone calls, emails, letters, and face-to-face meetings

  • sharing information and resources to help people with disabilities learn skills, such as how to be assertive or daily life skills (i.e., going to the bank and navigating public transportation)

  • attending rallies for causes that further the rights of people with disabilities

  • standing up against things that are not equal for people with disabilities

  • training others to be self-advocates, to help form the next generation of advocacy leaders

  • bringing other people together and keeping their peers in the community informed by relaying information

People On the Go advocates for:

  • inclusion of all those in the disability community; People On the Go empowers people and helps them gain confidence

  • policy changes that protect and further the rights of those with disabilities

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