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Legislative Archive

People On the Go Maryland (People On the Go) focuses on a specific legislative platform each year in the Maryland State Legislative Sessions. Below is an archive of recent years platforms.

2021 Legislative Platform

Closing Institutions

People On the Go believes in community inclusion for all, to the maximum extent possible and desired. Therefore, People On the Go will support any legislation at the federal, state, or local levels, which reduces reliance on settings which deliberately segregate those with disabilities from their peers without disabilities.


Maryland is a geographically diverse state with each county having their own challenges when it comes to providing reliable transportation for any group of people who are not readily able to drive or have access to vehicles. People with disabilities are especially affected by this. Therefore, People On the Go will work with community partners to promote ideas which increase access to affordable, reliable, and safe transportation which travels in between jurisdictions for all Marylanders. These changes will increase access to employment, access to education, and promote the ideals of inclusion for all.


People On the Go believes that access to education which prepares people for the workforce, with an emphasis on integrated educational opportunities in high school and in college, is fundamental to a person’s ability to succeed in their lives. In recognition of this, People On the Go will support any policy that it sees as potentially furthering these goals. People On the Go will also oppose any policy which may deprive any Maryland citizen from pursuing a high school diploma or post-secondary educational opportunities.

Access to Technology

Given the current global health crisis; access to technology or assistive technology has become more important than ever. It can be used to provide supports to individuals and families, helping people stay socially connected, and thus mentally and physically well. People On the Go will take any opportunity at all levels to promote policies which emphasize breaking down barriers for access to technology. 

Developmental Disabilities Administration Budget

A majority of People On the Go members and those with disabilities throughout the state rely upon supports from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) to live their lives in the community. People On the Go will continue to monitor the DDA budget, and will support any efforts to streamline the process for those currently in services, those who are still on the waiting list for services, and those youth transitioning from high school to adulthood who need supports. People On the Go will oppose any effort which reduces funding and prevents individuals and families from getting the help they need.

Direct Support Professionals

Thanks to the work of direct support professionals (DSPs), many individuals with disabilities now have the opportunity to live, work, love, and play where they choose. They are the backbone of the human service field. Along with its community partners, People On the Go will work to ensure that policies are adopted at the state and local levels that promote opportunities for growth for DSPs. People On the Go also understands that in spite of all the work that professionals do for people with disabilities, DSP wages continues to be a problem. People On the Go will work to ensure that DSPs are front and center in any budgetary discussion, and will oppose any effort to reduce funding for DSP wages because of the current circumstances.

Voting Access/Participation

Voting is the most fundamental right within the American democracy. Through voting, the population determines its representatives, who then make policy decisions which affect all aspects of life. However, access to voting continues to be challenging not only for people with disabilities, but for other marginalized groups as well. People On the Go will support any effort which is designed to increase voter participation and eliminate barriers to the voting process.

Civil Rights

All of the issues outlined in this platform can be seen as civil rights issues. People On the Go will continue its efforts to educate the general public around civil rights. People On the Go will support any effort designed to uphold civil rights law and expand opportunities for people with disabilities and other marginalized groups of people.

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