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Legislative Archive

People On the Go Maryland (People On the Go) focuses on a specific legislative platform each year in the Maryland State Legislative Sessions. Below is an archive of recent years platforms.

2018 Legislative Platform

People On the Go envisions a future where all people regardless of level of disability or support can live, work, love, and play in the communities of their choosing. 

Closing Institutions

People On the Go advocates for the closing of institutions by supporting policies that systematically reduce reliance on restrictive settings and encourage greater support of community options.

Fair Housing

People On the Go advocates for fair housing for people with disabilities by supporting The Home Act legislation designed to end housing discrimination based on source of income.

Improve Transportation

People On the Go supports policy and regulations that enhance transportation systems for those with disabilities, that are affordable, reliable, and not only meet their basic needs, but fulfills their desires.

Developmental Disabilities Administration

Waiting list—People On the Go stands opposed to any policies which might adversely affect people receiving Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) supports and services. Additionally, People On the Go supports policies that ensure that those on the DDA waiting list are served by streamlining the process to have people served faster; or by prioritizing transitioning youth.


Self-Direction—People On the Go promotes the growth of more self-directed options for those receiving services regardless of how they are funded.


Direct Support Professional—People On the Go advocates for fair wages and equal access to benefits for all direct support professionals.

Higher Education

People On the Go supports any initiative designed to break down barriers to higher education for people with disabilities.


People On the Go supports any policy or regulation designed to increase employment opportunities in integrated settings.


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