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Legislative Archive

People On the Go Maryland (People On the Go) focuses on a specific legislative platform each year in the Maryland State Legislative Sessions. Below is an archive of recent years platforms.

2016 Legislative Platform


Affordable and accessible transportation is necessary for all people with disabilities to work and participate in their chosen social activities in their communities.

Closing Institutions

All people have the right to live in their chosen community and have full access to services and supports within that community. People On the Go advocates for the closure of the two remaining institutions in the state. Maryland is known as the “free state.” If this is true, then keeping the two remaining institutions open violates this basic idea. The most essential reason that advocates utilize for keeping Potomac Center and Holly Center open is familial opposition. In the opinion of People On the Go, this is not a sufficient reason to keep places like this open in the twenty-first century.  


People On the Go advocates for people with disabilities to obtain jobs of their choosing in the community where they can work with their non-disabled peers and make a living wage. People On the Go wants to eliminate the practice of paying people with disabilities sub-minimum wage.


It continues to be an area of importance that all people with disabilities have integrated community-based employment opportunities. We believe that all people should be employed if they wish to be. However, when it comes to employment opportunities for people with disabilities, this population has been overlooked. It continues to be a priority for People On the Go to address the wage disparity for people with disabilities. The practice of paying people below minimum wage for their work must stop. Just because they are perceived to have more significant disabilities than some, it is antiquated and discriminatory practice.


Education is a fundamental issue for all people with disabilities in the state of Maryland. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are typically at a disadvantage, particularly those who are transitioning from school to work. People with more significant disabilities typically stay in school until age 21, and do not graduate in most cases with a high school diploma. This makes obtaining economically meaningful employment difficult. People On the Go advocates for those people who need to stay in school until age 21 to still have the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma, or if their disability truly prohibits them from obtaining a diploma, they should be given access to meaningful training which would prepare them for employment where the individual can be paid a living wage.


People On the Go advocates for affordable, accessible, integrated housing for people with disabilities. 

Civil Rights

Civil rights are fundamental for everybody. People On the Go advocates for laws that ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities and equalities as everyone. 


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