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A woman who is blind sits in a library classroom setting while smiling and reading something with her hands.


People On the Go Maryland focuses on five main areas in its legislative advocacy. The organization advocates for legislation that benefits its members and others with disabilities by providing oral and written testimony, writing letters to representatives on relevant issues, and through raising public awareness of legislation that impacts the disability community.

Legislative Advocacy Efforts

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Advocate and support people with developmental disabilities to obtain jobs and work with non-disabled peers in the community with the same access to benefits. Eliminate sub-minimum wages by advocating for equal work equal pay.

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Advocate and promote for students with disabilities to be integrated into curriculums with their non-disabled classmates. Provide additional resources and supports as needed. Promote and support a curriculum that prepares a student for employment as well as providing access to educational and post-secondary educational resources.

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Advocate for increasing and developing affordable and accessible housing within the community that supports the needs of any individual with a developmental disability.

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Civil Rights

Advocate for the law that guarantees all persons with developmental disabilities are not discriminated against as they have the same rights as other citizens.

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Increase the availability of affordable and reliable transportation within the community.

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