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Legislative Archive

People On the Go Maryland (People On the Go) focuses on a specific legislative platform each year in the Maryland State Legislative Sessions. Below is an archive of recent years platforms.

2019 Legislative Platform

Closing Institutions

People On the Go supports policies that will reduce lengthy nursing home stays and the elimination of institutions.


People On the Go advocates for increased availability to accessible, affordable, integrated housing for people with disabilities regardless of source of income.

Assistive Technology

People On the Go advocates for the expansion of assistive technology and its funding stream so people with disabilities have access to the technology that will enhance their quality of life.


People On the Go supports policies that makes it possible to obtain affordable, quality healthcare throughout the lifespan for all people, with an emphasis on supporting efforts to increase patient awareness about individual rights regarding medical decisions. People On the Go advocates for the education of doctors and other healthcare professionals on how to properly interact with people with disabilities.

Developmental Disabilities Administration

Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) budget—People On the Go advocates for the continued growth of the DDA budget. 


Waiting list—People On the Go supports policies that ensure that those on the DDA waiting list are served by streamlining the process to have people served faster and to ensure transitioning youth get served.


Self-Direction—People On the Go promotes the growth of self-directed options for those in services regardless of how they are funded.


Direct Support Professional—People On the Go continues to support initiatives to keep direct support professionals’ pay rate above the minimum wage.


People On the Go supports education policies that increase access to diploma track readiness, full inclusion, and flexible learning styles.  


People On the Go supports policies that further advance and promote opportunities of employment for people with disabilities.  


People On the Go advocates for an increase in affordable, accessible and reliable transportation that crosses county lines and allows people with disabilities to pursue full community integration.   

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