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The Disability Rights Movement is a global social movement that seeks to secure equal opportunities and equal rights for all people with disabilities. While great strides have been made, there is still ground to cover. People On the Go is committed to providing resources for the disabilities movement. 

Disability Etiquette Tips

A woman guides a blind man down outdoor steps by holding out her arm for him.

People with disabilities are members of the community who deserve respect and kindness just like everyone else. Here are some helpful tips when working with someone with a disability, courtesy of Easter Seals Disability Etiquette page​.

  • If you are going to help a person with a disability, ask if they need help before jumping in.

  • It might take a person with a disability to a little longer to complete a task or say what they are thinking. Be patient and allow the individual time to finish before interrupting them.

  • When hosting an event, consider the accessibility barriers that might exist (staircases, narrow entry ways, non-accessible bathroom), and discuss potential problems and solutions with those coming.

  • Do not lean or unnecessarily touch a person’s assistive technology or wheelchair. These tools are considered part of their personal space.

  • When working with someone blind or or who has low vision, allow them to take your arm so that you can guide them. Do not grab their arm in order to guide them.

Other Disability Etiquette Guides

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