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A young man with hearing loss signs to someone blurred in the foreground.

News & Events

Recent News

September 11–17, 2022Direct Support Professional Appreciation week is a national event that celebrates the commitment and hard work of direct support professionals across the nation. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide direct care and services to individuals with disabilities to help each person access their community. People On the Go Maryland (People On the Go) would like to say thank you to all the DSPs who give of their time to care for those who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. You are the backbone of our community. 

July 27, 2022People On the Go had the opportunity to present about the importance of advocacy at the 15th Annual Project SEARCH National Conference in Baltimore, MD. People On the Go’s presentation was well received and People On the Go was able to raise awareness and answer questions regarding the best way to self-disclose a person’s disability, what work and individual and/or group can do to get sub-minimum wages abolished in other states, sharing the importance of internships for transition age-youth, and much more. 


People On the Go sponsors various events, open to all members. These enriching events provide our members connection, education, and advocacy opportunities.

Organizational Meetings

People On the Go has several types of regular meetings to keep members engaged and connected: bi-annual conferences, quarterly meetings, and bi-weekly meetings. View some photos of our members in action at our September 2022 Quarterly Meeting


Disabilities Day at the Legislature

Held every year in February, state legislators and fellow advocates from all over Maryland assemble for an informative and inspirational day.

Educational Sessions

People On the Go provides opportunities for education and advancement. The latest in the line-up is called Project STIR (Steps Toward Independence and Responsibility), a training series for self-advocates .

Project STIR

During our online trainings, you will learn how to express yourself and how to communicate your needs in a positive way. Our trainers will tell stories and use role-playing exercises to help you learn. These workshops are participatory and interactive. They are designed to use your experiences to build confidence, knowledge, and leadership qualities. Each training session will cover one of the following topics.


Problem Solving: Problem solving is an important skill to have so that we can make our own decisions. When we make a decision, we have to think about all the options and the consequences of those options. Problem solving skills help us to work through difficult situations. In this module, you will learn how to recognize your emotions, and the influence they have on decision-making. Our trainers will share problem-solving steps that can help guide decision-making in difficult situations.


Rights and Responsibilities: What is the difference between a right and responsibility? You have certain rights about where you chose to live, what accommodations you receive at work, and how you chose to spend time with others. During this module, our trainers will help you identify your rights and the responsibilities that come with them. The trainers will also cover the topic of self-determination.


Communication: Emotions and body language are key elements of how we communicate with others. During this module, you will learn effective ways of communication for both the in-person and the virtual setting. The trainers will share ways of being assertive during communication so that others can see you as independent and capable of making decisions about your life. Listening skills will also be discussed.

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