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Four women with intellectual/developmental challenges smile and embrace while posing for the camera in an outdoor setting with greenery. They are dressed in cool-weather clothing.


People On the Go Maryland is a group of advocates with intellectual and developmental challenges who use their voices to be heard and recognized.

A smiling man in a wheelchair is in discussion with a woman at a table infront of a window.


A mother, father, and daughter pose, smiling and embracing in front of shrubbery in the grass. The father and daughter have an intellectual disability.

A Grassroots

People On the Go has been a grassroots organization since 1989, advocating with boots on the ground to affect change.

A woman with intellectual/developmental challenges smiles at the camera with a facemask on. She is wearing a stylishly torn jeans jacket and has sunglasses perched on top of her head.


We know that this is a challenging time, and you may feel alone—but you are not! We are all in this together as we navigate this ever-evolving situation.

Two women, one in a wheelchair, work on a laptop in a coffee shop. Both women are wearing blazers.

Project STIR

Project STIR (Steps Toward Independence and Responsibility), a new training series for self-advocates, is available now!

We believe all people should be active
participants in their communities.

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